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Our new website is here, containing the products that you most often order or ask about. As we care about your needs, we ask that you call us with questions, suggestions, or use our website or toll free number to place your order. Service is our business! If you need a product that is not listed, we will be happy to quote you a highly competitive price and ship it to you as soon as possible.

The owner of Concepts In Confidence is a paraplegic so he understands how using the right products can lead to a better quality of life. The constant use of these products is costly, therefore we keep our prices as low as possible.

At our website we will show you the difference in stimulant laxative suppositories used for bowel programs for those with SCI, Reflexive & Neurogenic bowel, and those with other mobility impairments resulting in decreased bowel function. The Magic Bullet Suppository®, as well as Magic CleanseTM can be used as an aid to chronic constipation and bowel impaction. Both are used and recommended by most major rehab centers.

See how our water soluble base (Polyethyl Glycol) in the Magic Bullet Suppository® compares to other bisacodyls that use hydrogenated vegetable oil as a base. Compare us to Dulcolax, and other Suppositories like CEO-TWO. Read the clinical studies done to confirm the effectiveness of the Magic Bullet Suppositories®.

Further enhance your bowel program with Magic CleanseTM Natural Colon Cleanser. See how this product will work as a stool softener as well as a mild laxative.

Promote A Healthy Urinary Tract with a daily dose of Cran Magic +TM. If you have chronic UTI, see how Cran Magic +TM and Mannose MagicTM can help lesson your episodes of bladder infection and other Urinary Tract Infections.

Explore our website and be better able to deal with incontinence. Bowel and bladder basics are our business and we care about you. Let us supply your needs and we are sure we’ll have a long and lasting relationship.

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