What are the typical shipping times for the Magic Bullet

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USPS Priority Mail- 4-5 days on average, but can take as long as 2-3 weeks

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Will the Magic Bullet work if I have a very hard stool?

The suppository will stimulate a bowel movement, however the hard stool will be hard to pass through the anus. Solutions to this might be using a stool softener such as Magic Cleanse, and drinking lots of fluids.

Will I get addicted to the Magic Bullet?

Frequent or continued use of this product, or any other laxative product may result in a dependence on laxatives. If you need a suppository to cause a bowel movement what choice do you have?

What if I notice a mucous discharge hours after using the Magic Bullet?

The suppository stimulates the bowel wall to contract and force out the stool. If your bowel wall is sensitive, sometimes the bowel may continue to be stimulated after the bowel movement is complete. At this time, only mucous can come out as the bowel wall is lined with mucous. To avoid this discharge you want to de-stimulate the bowel. To do this, insert a water-soluble lubricant such as Surgilube into the bowel. You can also use a hemmoroidal ointment which soothes and de-stimulates the area.

What are the possible side effects?

The Magic Bullet, as any Bisacodyl suppository can cause cramping, nausea, vomiting, sweating and rectal bleeding. Most individuals don’t experience any of these side effects. If these symptoms are causing you any problems, please contact us. We usually can make recommendations to alleviate symptoms.

How should the Magic Bullet be taken?

The Magic Bullet stimulates the bowel wall upon insertion into the rectum. Please follow the directions printed on the box. Any other method of use may not be effective.

Why can The Magic Bullets sometimes be hard to open?

The packaging is designed to increase the life span of the product for three years. For most people the best way to remove the suppository from is wrapper is simply to pull the white tabs apart from the top of the suppository (pointy end). If this proves to be difficult for you, using a pair a scissors to cut the suppository from its wrapper will work quite effectively.

How many Magic Bullets should I use at one time?

One suppository should suffice for most people. If your system is very sensitive you might feel more comfortable with a half or a third of a suppository. Use half or a third of a suppository for children age 6-12 years old. For children under 6, please consult your physician. Using more than one Magic Bullet at a time is never recommended.

How should the Magic Bullet be inserted?

Remove the suppository from the outer white wrapper. You should use a water-soluble lubricant such as KY or Surgilube to ease insertion and insure ease of entry. Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) should NEVER be used as it is barrier between the active ingredient and the bowel. Remove the suppository from the outer white wrapper. You should use a water-soluble lubricant such as KY or Surgilube to ease insertion and insure ease of entry. Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) should NEVER be used as it is barrier between the active ingredient and the bowel.

Should Magic Bullet be stored in the refrigerator?

Magic Bullets only need to be refrigerated if the household temperature goes above 76 degrees. It is not recommended that they ever be frozen. Freezing can destroy the effectiveness of the active ingredient rendering the Magic Bullet useless.

How does The Magic Bullet compare in price to the other suppositories?

The Magic Bullet is far less costly than its competition. Less than half the price of Dulcolax, and less than a quarter the price of mini enemas. How long can the Magic Bullet sit in my house before they go bad? Although they will last longer than the expiration date, at this time, The Magic Bullet has 6 month expiration date (shelf life).

How does The Magic Bullet Suppository differ from CeoTwo suppositories?

The Magic Bullet uses stimulation of the bowel wall to cause peristalsis to push out the stool. CeoTwo on the other hand produces a gas inside the bowel which relaxes the bowel, causing the movement.

How does the Magic Bullet compare to Mini enemas such as Therevac/Enemeez?

Clinical Studies have shown that The Magic Bullet proves to be just as effective as Mini enemas like Therevac and Enemeez in bowel program time plus it?s easier to use as it requires less hand dexterity.

How long does it take for The Magic Bullet to cause a bowel movement?

Each Individual is different in regard to time. It can vary greatly from to person. It usually ranges from five minutes to two hours. So it basically works in less than half the time when compared to Dulcolax and other suppositories. This can greatly improve the Quality Of Your Life. For those with extremely long bowel programs, the time savings with the magic bullet can be quite dramatic.

What is the difference between The Magic Bullet, Dulcolax and other Bisacodyl suppositories?

Dulcolax and the other Bisacodyl suppositories have the same active ingredient (10mg Bisacodyl) as The Magic Bullet. The base, or carrier of the active ingredient in the suppository is what makes the different. The Magic Bullet uses a Polyethylene Glycol base which is water-soluble. This base allows the Bisacodyl to be activated by the body’s own moisture shortly after insertion. The Dulcolax and other Bisacodyl suppositories use a vegetable oil base. This type of base takes longer to work because it needs time to be melted by the body’s heat.